HR Consulting

Soft Solutions Consulting offers strategic services that align your human capital with your corporate initiatives.  Engaging your employees and leadership teams, we facilitate communications, getting people talking with energy and humor.  Whether you’re a company with a few employees or a few hundred employees, we help you address the strategies, planning and implementation that transform your workforce.

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Leadership Development

Whether you’re an individual seeking direction and skills to move ahead or a company that recognizes the value of professional development, our programs and coaching are tailor-made for the individuals and situations. We meet people where they are, while challenging and empowering them to move in directions that are personally and professionally rewarding. And their employers and colleagues experience the bounce-back benefits of each person’s transformation – often in ways that positively impact the bottom line.

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Personal Development

Real and perceived barriers can get in the way. You may not be able to see beyond those barriers to develop the vision for your life. But it’s never too late to change your dreams into accomplishments. You deserve a life filled with purpose and satisfaction.

Through personal development initiatives you will be able to envision the things you wish to achieve in your life. Barriers will be identified and methods for moving beyond the barriers will become part of your life plan. You’ll explore resources to enable your vision and gain skills that advance your growth. Personal coaching will challenge and support you through the process. Along the way you’ll learn effective techniques for dealing with culture, change, unexpected events, toxic people, tough communications and new opportunities. As your life becomes better-aligned with your vision, your results can provide the excitement that expands your horizons into new places.

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